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Khisamova Gulnara

I sincerely want to thank you for the excellent professional work of a physician Nikitin Aigul Fayzrakhmanova and head. Khismatullina Ryan A. R.! The operation was conducted 27.02.19. And thanks to all the staff for their sensitivity, for cleanliness and order!!!

Ishmuratova Lilia

I'd like to thank the entire staff of the pediatric clinic of the Institute of eye diseases, and in particular, doctor Ryskulova Elvira Kasimovo. Very responsive,kind and attentive doctor. I ask on his behalf to thank her at the meeting of the hospital. Good luck,success and prosperity.


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Armansin Marat G.

In the period from 19 to 21 Feb 2019 I was hospitalized. Had very good impression about the staff and in turn, I want to Express my sincere gratitude to the head of the II microsurgical Department of the Renata Amirovich Kazakbaeva and doctor Arthur Vasilevichu Zainetdinova for high professionalism, ability to find individual approach to each patient, the competence for hard work.
Just want to say a huge thank you to the middle and Junior medical staff for cleanliness, comfort, responsiveness, friendly and attentive attitude, a warm and comfortable atmosphere


I want to Express my deep gratitude to the medical staff 1 microsurgery :surgeon Absaljamov Minulle the Sharafutdinovich, nurses Retire, Ehnzhe, Alice and Else for their kind and sensitive attitude towards patients. I wish you good health, happiness in family life, success in your work. With respect twice operated Fartygen. A. N.

Semikova Olga Ruslanivna

Dear employees of GBU UFA research Institute of EYE DISEASES, I want to thank for the successful operation of my mother -Razinkina L. D.. Particularly grateful to Dr. Ildar Nureyev Fanisovich, for the friendly attitude towards your patients and professionalism. Dr. Nuriyev, I. F., "know YOUR stuff" so to speak grateful patients. Many THANKS to Dr. Ildar Nureyev Fanisovich for the successful operation. I want to wish professional and career growth of promising young doctor Nureyev I. F. I wish him to reach the heights of the professional, i.e. to obtain the academic degree doctor of medical Sciences and the title of Professor.


I,Maria M. Ilkova patient 304 chamber of the Orenburg region,Krasnogvardeysky district,village of Conselice wish your 1 microsurgical Department,under the leadership of Khusnitdinova Ilnur Ildarovich continue to work passionately,professionally,I thank my surgeon Bikbulatova Ahtamova Aigul ,doctor Safiullin Camille the Rasimovna for your kind regard for humanity.Special thanks to the nurses of Raushania Aslyamovna, Margaret Ansarovna, Elsa Hydratone and Lena Dynagroove .They are Great,working like bees..they are a special gift,they are so kind and polite that they there is a lot of heat that only does not ask ,will not leave without attention,will immediately answer and explain and advise.A huge thank you to all the nurses for cleanliness and order and, thanks to the chefs for the delicious,varied food.You all prosperity ,Siberian health,hypertensive wages,luck and patience in your hard work, grateful patients all the best)))

Chistoserdova O. B.

I want to Express my gratitude to all the staff of the microsurgery Department № 2 of Ufa research Institute of eye diseases. I was hospitalized with 24.01.2019 for 28.01.2019 year in microsurgical office No. 2, where I 25.01.2019 had surgery fertalisation ultrasonic phacoemulsification with IOL implantation. All the time that I was in the office, I kept admire the professionalism of the entire team. Since the clinic was visible clear organizational work. Without further ADO, each employee of research Institute carries out its work at the highest level. Flawless clean and tidy in the office, silence and a complete lack of conflict, which are often unavoidable in the treatment of patients of advanced age, mastery of professional skills by nurses, performs the prescribing physician to create an enabling environment for the successful postoperative the recovery of patients. Special thanks I want to Express to the surgeon to see the Nureyev Fanisovich, made me a surgery to improve my eyesight. It is encouraging that in these difficult times when everyone is abuses of domestic medicine and doctors, there are young doctors aspiring to reach the heights of their profession. More again I want to sincerely thank all staff for their excellent work.


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Radik Abdrakhmanov

07.02.2019 G. had surgery to replace the lens. The operation was conducted Orenburkina Olga Ivanovna.I want to say thank you again for a successful operation.He remains the same principled and attractive!

Uptree Stanislav Mikhailovich

Heartily Express their gratitude to the head. Department Ahtamova Camille Yelovich, surgeons ophthalmologists Sarvarova Denis Anusavice, fomichevoy Guzel the Durnovtseva, Adelino Firdaus Gasolne a successful surgery to replace the lens. People with a capital letter, higher professionals, tireless truzhenniki work and on weekends and holidays. I wish you and your family good health, happiness, family, success in your hard work. Great thanks!!! Regards, Stanislav

Yarmuhamedova Gulsina Sagdatovna

Since childhood I suffer from high myopia.A lot of inconvenience brought throughout the life of the disease . I wore contacts , but the time came when I had to have surgery for a cataract in left eye. I turned microsurgery UV research Institute of Eye diseases.February 1, 2019 I have a wonderful surgeon,professional - Orenburkina Olga Ivanovna. She is very worried for me , because unlike other patients I'm young, and she sincerely wanted to help me, so I can see . Because in my 42 years I have not seen any rows from the table of letters.It is clearly thought out together with the doctor by Gizatulin A. V. a clear plan of action operation . I had a cataract operation in the left eye. I want to tell you thanks for what I have started to see ,see this world with bright colors of life as a magical world of music.I want to Express my gratitude to the entire staff of doctors and nurses UF Institute of Eye diseases. My doctor Gizatov A. and a great surgeon-ophthalmologist Orenburkina Olga Ivanovna wish them health, creativity ,good luck all the best life! Thank you ! With respect Yarmuhamedova Gulsina Sagdatovna mother of three children.

Elena Giniyatova

Huge thanks to Orenburkina Olga Ivanovna and Baimuhametov nail the E. for professionalism, friendly attitude and a great result. 29.01.2019 I had surgery to replace the lens of the eye - the procedure is safe,painless,has improved not only the vision, but life played colors in the truest sense of the word(rich color). Thank you to the wonderful professionals, your job just jewelry.

Tiunova Faith

Had surgery due to age-related cataracts. I was taken from home, brought to the clinic.Conditions in the clinic is great, clean, staff friendly and helpful. Thank you very much Dr. Baimuhametov N. Uh. and to all the staff for excellent care!

Venus Galieva Carauction

Express their gratitude to the doctors of your Institute..Yarmuhamedova Hematulin A. L. and R. R. in January 19 years I was treated in your Institute.Thanks to the Golden hands of these doctors, I regained sight .Thank you for a good humane attitude to patients..good health and success to you in your noble cause.

Galieva Veneer Carauction

I Express my deep gratitude to all the doctors of your Institute.From 9 to January 13 was treated in your Institute. THANKS to the Golden hands of doctors yarmuhamedova the A. I. and head.Department Khismatullina R. R. I regained the sight.A big thank you to all the honey.workers for the good attitude to patients.I wish you strong health,success in your noble work!

Elena Rogovtseva - Bulgaria

Hello Professor Aznabaev Marat Talgatovich, To thank you and your team, I do not understand the words. For You, I will tell and recommends to all my friends!!. You did my surgery in late July 1989 from Gulnara Zaripova Rurouni! I remember You as the great physician and very good people! I wish you health! Thanks: Elena Rogovtseva


I want to say a huge thank you to aliyah linareva the Ainur and the Aidarovich! Very attentive and friendly doctors! Nice and helpful to communicate with them, everything is clear, detailed and effortlessly! Thank you! The khans Revia from Tatarstan 89600866837

Gaynutdinova Guzel Anvarovna

Family Gainutdinova with great respect we Express our gratitude to the ophthalmologist Gabcikovo Raceme Casiinos SEI UFA research Institute of EYE DISEASES of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus for her professionalism, for her Golden hands, restored to me my sight. Thank you very much for her attention and good treatment to its patients. She will listen and explain all accessible and understandable. I wish you health and success in your hard work! And also, I want to sincerely thank the medical staff of the 4th floor in the hospital, which made no small labour in my convalescence. They are attentive, kind and patient with his patients. Thank you girls! With respect gaynutdinova Guzel anvarovna.

Doronina Svetlana

Happy New year Camille Akhtyamova of Malevich! I wish you health, positivity. This talented doctor really helped me. Thank you for your professionalism, Golden hands, for my my saved vision. I wish all the staff good health, happiness, professional self-development.

Kutdusova Alsu Khatipovna

Imamovich family expresses deep gratitude to the doctors, STATE of the UFA research Institute of EYE DISEASES of the Academy of Sciences RB: Bikbulatova A. A., Sarvarov D. A., Astrelin M. N.,in the operation the eye of the invalid 1 gr. our mother Imamovi Minor Asianmature 1918 R. Thanks for your work, for your patience, for the fact that we were able to extend the time for the ability to continue to see and learn the world!We congratulate You with coming New Year and wish you strong health, family wellbeing and every success in your difficult work!

Zainasheva Yd

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