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Safina Zoya Sagievna

14 Jan 2016. our group of elderly people up to the age of 86 in 25 people gathered at the appointed place for the trip to Ufa. We are expecting a comfortable bus from Ufa research Institute of eye diseases. At exactly 6.00 am we drove off and all the way in every soul didn't understand what will become of us, since the operation to replace the lens is very expensive, and promised that it will be free. Arriving at the place, we looked at room # 211 and # 214 were treated very well, girl-honey.sister: kind and caring, no one raised voices, though we were excited. Then we were taken to the police station, where he built a warm house with a snow-white bed, fed and then the doctors examined us, prescribe the procedure, checked the pressure the next day was scheduled for surgery. On the morning of the procedure again. a respectful attitude on the part of cooks, nurses, med.nurses, doctors, ophthalmologists candidate of medical Sciences. In this respect the operation and we all were very successful! Nobody asked for any money, was not even a hint. Dear staff of the Institute!!! Dear Ryan rifkatovich, Aigul Faizrakhmanova, Saviya Gazizova, Illia Yagudin, Safina Zoya Sergeevna, and all without exception, who worked from 14 to 16 January 2016. many thanks to all! You have a good heart, you have helped us regain the lost happiness - happiness to see!!! You all health, happiness, family happiness and prosperity. You are true professionals! On behalf of the operated Safina Zoya Zakieva.

Kudakaeva Gulnara Faritovna

Thanks.!!!! I Kudakaeva Gulnara faritovna I sincerely want to thank all the employees of SBI "URRIE GBAN RB" Physiotherapy DEP.and a study of orthoptic and to wish you a happy New Year. I want to mention specialists such as: Khusnutdinova Ale Gabidulina-head.otd. Dautov R,R. - med.sit. Evlentieva G. A., med.sit. Mezentsev V. S.-head.otd. My kids once took a course of treatment in this Department.Thanks to these wonderful people first and foremost qualified professionals,the vision of my children has greatly improved .Thank You for your responsiveness ,how You cleverly approach its not easy.For your kindness,for Your Golden hands!!! And of course, I want to wish You a happy New year!!I wish you long life,good health,career and of course happiness!!!Thank You for everything!!!

Chikota V. P.

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Stepanova Olga

Happy New year and say a Big thank you to the professional Rinat Rustamovich! After the surgery my mom Berry S. N. You gave her back her health, good mood and faith in our medicine. You are very sensitive and attentive person! We wish you success in all Your endeavors, further professional growth and good health to You and Your family!

Sedov Vladimir Pavlovich

02.12.2015 G. I had the surgery OD: phacoemulsification with IOL implantation in Ufa research Institute of eye diseases of the Academy of Sciences RB. In anticipation of the New year I would like to sincerely, deeply and sincerely thank the staff of the 2-nd microsurgical Department, especially the surgeon kazakbaeva Renata of Amirovich for his excellent hands, with sensitivity, kindness and the gift to his profession, being a connoisseur of modern medicine. I feel that the leadership of the Institute drew attention to the ability of Renata Amirovich and helped in their development and implementation. Happy New year!!! Low bow to You!!! Thank you!!! Respectfully, honorary citizen Belokatayskaya district Sedov Vladimir Pavlovich.

Frolov Tamara

Happy New Year! Zaynullin, R. M., R. R. fayzrahmanova(head.Department of vitreoretinal and laser surgery),Gilmanshin T. R., Yarmuhamedova A. L., Arslangereev. Happy New year We all those whose proud work, Celebrates from year to year Our glorious country. So appreciated all the colleagues, Patients and friends Your work is conscientious and honest, And today and always. The new year opens let You the way to growth up. Let the luck inspiring Will bright your life!

Frolov Tamara

I would like to wish you a happy New Year!: K. Akhtyamova N.(Head.Department No. 4),med.sisters: Andrianova Z. A., Akhunov, F. Z., Kayumova L. R., Aglyamov G. R., St.nurse Saneeva L. R. nurses: Muftakhetdinova Z. M., Nigmatullina M. K. Razdatki: Vasiliev S. S.,Egorov R. D. Happy New year doctors heartily congratulate Easy graphics you wish from heart, Patients only fabulously obedient, And as it is flexible, vacations just need And wages, of course, only great To the New year gave happiness in personal life. In General, to health you, as always, fought And, of course, myself were not forgotten.

Iskhakov Karim(3months)

We Express our gratitude to all the staff of the research Institute of eye diseases,in particular the children's ward,for the professional,sensitive and attentive attitude,responsiveness and sweetness to his young patients. Thanks to your efforts our children will see the beauty and colors of this world! Thank You very much for Your not easy work and Golden hands!

Mishin V. F.

Opinion: Allow me to Express my gratitude to all the staff of the Ufa research Institute of eye diseases, separately to the chief physician, and of course special thanks to the doctors and I – surgical Department Usubov Emin Lajmanovich and Karine Hovhannisyan Hachaturova for the successful restoration of the sight. Fedor Mishin Titovich the participant of the great Patriotic War. He deserved it! In April, the month he turned 90 years old, despite his age, doctors decided to carry out a unique operation to restore the sight, which brought back the joy of life. It is a miracle, start again to see. Fedor Titovich with great joy watching hockey and rooting for the team «AK bars». Thank you for your hard, responsible and noble work! We wish you good health, luck and happiness in your work and in life. Sincerely, the family mishinykh.

Guseva M. V.

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Zagretdinov Robert Abdrakhmanovich

Gratitude of the patient Satin

Bogdanov Lima Gamidovna


Frolov Tamara

I want to Express my gratitude to the doctor,the Department of vitreoretinal and laser surgery Zainullina Rinat Mukhametovich!!!! It's a good professional and master of his craft, thoughtful and responsive doctor, and most importantly it is professional and expert in his field!! Ask the hospital not to leave my opinion without attention to reward Rinat Mukhametovich!!!!! It's a really good specialist!!!!! and it works for you!!!!And also want to Express my gratitude to the surgeons: Gilmanshin Tr, Yarmuhamedova A. L. and Gilyazova I. I., and of course head.office Faizrakhmanova R. R. for the attention and professional approach to business! Thank you to everyone!!!

Klepikov V. P.

Was in scientific research Institute of eye diseases In the 1st surgical Department (3rd floor) 02 19 15 05.10.15 G. treatment of cataract of the right eye. On the background of negative reviews in the media about the work of medical institutions of Russia, was pleasantly surprised by what he saw. Perfect cleanliness and order in the premises, free and convenient placement of the patients in the wards, but most importantly, the Department staff: Attentive, responsive, Professional with a capital letter, regardless of position. And of course I would like to Express special gratitude to the Doctor of medical Sciences, Bikbulatova Aigul Ahtamova, its skillful, it is possible to tell, the Golden hands, which returned to me completely lost sight. A big thank you to head office Absaljamov Minnale Arutjunovich for organizing such a high and attentive attitude to patients from the personnel Department. Unfortunately I do not know the names of the other employees, but they are all just GREAT. Thanks get some kind of official, but believe me, with all my heart. Success and good luck in Your hard work! Your patient Klepikov, V. p. ( former flight engineer Tu-154 of airline BALL)

Belavkina Alla Olegovna

I want to Express my gratitude to this doctor for what he gave the opportunity to SEE my child.thank You very much.

Gasimova Elsa

Great doctor. From God. His calmness and confidence, energizes any operation for success, and gives parents hope. Thank you for the fact that there are doctors.

Khalimov A. R.

Hello, I want to Express my gratitude to the doctors for an examination,your attention, your professionalism and interest! Thanks for the hope!

Faizullin Susanna A.

Thank You so much for my new eyesight !)) Take care of yourself and your amazing hands, good luck in all Your endeavors!

Gimaeva Guzel, October

Heartfelt thanks to Mr M. for the professionalism and kindness! In my complex case he made the right choice and a great surgery to replace the lens. Special thanks to Shamil the Rishatovich for responsiveness and sincerity!

Afsana ISA kyzy

Thank you very much for correctio view Dr. Bikbulatova - you have Golden hands and a special thank you for the advice Dr. Usubov! Kazan