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Fomina Nadezhda Pavlovna, 69 years, Sterlitamak.

In the Department of ambulatory surgery, where the head of the Department Kuzbekov Shamil Rishatovich, I'm 19 Aug 2015 a successful operation. I Express my deep gratitude to the doctors for their professionalism, diagnosis, attention to patients, sensitivity: Gazizov Azat Mukhametdinova to which I have addressed in a polyclinic on street Pushkin; The surgeon who operated on me, Bikbulatova to Mr M. for his Zolotyonok! For your kind heart! All the staff of the operation unit for the attention and care: Anesthesiologist Chisinau Aigul Ravilevna; Surgical nurse Novikova, Svetlana; The nurse Ilyina Galina Mikhailovna and the whole team of physicians taking patients that day. Fomina Nadezhda Pavlovna, 69 years, Sterlitamak.

Khuzin Almaz Maratovich

Thank you very much this doctor has helped understand what's wrong with my eye. Yanaul, Republic of Bashkortostan

Alexander Fedosov V.

Dear administration, Institute of ophthalmology beleza!

you Have a very good team, namely the team shows a microclimate organization.

7 August I had to re-apply to the Cabinet 204 to Abulhairova Sumire Abdulhaeva. And again it is at the highest level as a doctor. Nice to deal with it, go to it with pleasure..

Then I first decided to pick up points on your kiosk on the 1st floor. It is no secret that we have in many branches of OPTICS. But from this day forward I will only order from you. The Samigullin Elmira's Rafailovna, Privalova Elena Alexandrovna. Thank them.

Dear administration, I beg you to publish my impressions of your clinic on your website. Because of age and I am 65 years old, I make it quite difficult (where to look and how).

With respect Alexander Fedosov V.,born in 1949.

Vel'skaya Larisa Pavlovna

A wonderful doctor is in the Ufa research Institute of eye diseases of the Academy of Sciences RB. Yulai Burkhanov Is Kasipovic. He treats patients in the 1-th microsurgical Department. Despite his youth, Dr. Y. S. Burkhanov excellent specialist. Bribe his surgical talent, modesty, respect for patients, the desire to encourage, to instill faith in the perfect completion of the operation. Yulay Kasipovic not considered over time, constantly in the office. His friendly smile, calm very beneficial effect on others. I'm glad I was operated on the doctor. The operation was successful. I feel enormous gratitude to the wonderful doctor and his assistants. Honored teacher of the Republic of Belarus vel'skaya Larisa Pavlovna.

Olga Melnichenko

I want to thank and say a big thank you to the surgeon with Golden hands Bikbulatov R. M. for my mom. The surgery went flawlessly and professionally. Thank you for the responsive attitude of the entire staff of operating offices in Aurora,14, Aigul anesthesiologist,nurse, Svetlana, doctor fatkhutdinova A. H., Hovhannisyan K. H., matron Galina Mikhailovna. Thank you, you return people's vision, success and good luck to you.

Thymine Veronika Vyacheslavovna

We Tikunim son of Nicholas-20009г.R, observed Tatyana Mikhailovna for more than 4 years. My child friendly convergent strabismus. I understand only the parents who have been or are currently this treatment. This is a great and long labor of parents and doctors. We fortunately had the opportunity to meet Tatiana Mikhailovna! It's not just super professional in his profession but also very friendly and helpful people! Thanks to Tatyana Mikhailovna and specialist children's microsurgical Department, visual acuity we have increased in 3 times, and the strabismus was gone. Tatyana! Thank you so much and we love You very much!!!!

Zlobin Nadezhda

When it seemed that the vision is lost and it only gets worse, professional , clever and definitely unique specialist said, "we'll see". See, in 2013, after surgery, which Rinat Rustamovich spent his Golden hands. Of course, in the building next to the pine forest all solid professionals. But Rinat Rustamovich ... Thanks! You prove to the world that our doctors are in spite of everything can be the best!



the Operation went flawlessly
Dear editors! Please thank the doctors 1-th microsurgical Department of the Ufa research Institute of eye diseases. In mid-June I had surgery. It went flawlessly! The surgeon of Ula of Kashafovich Burkhanova truly Golden hands. The head of Department Minnola the Sharafutdinovich Absalyamov – competent leader, he is well organized team, entrusted to him the office works as a harmonious mechanism. From patients all of our chamber and wish the doctors and research Institute of the Siberian health, Caucasian longevity, happiness and success in their grateful.
Ramzia KADYROV, the veteran of work

Natalia Zarochentseva


From: Zarochentseva Natalya

Hello dear Anwar Akramovich. I Zarochentseva Natalia live in Krasnodar Krai, I want to Express my gratitude to the head of the children's regional hospital ophthalmology Sideline Ildar Saitgalieva. Ildar Saitgalieva surgeon from GOD's Golden hands of the miracle working man of the profession.I had a baby boy congenital nuclear cataract in both eyes. We at best only offered to remove the lens to insert but unfortunately the infant did not practice in Russia anywhere. However, our doctors advised us to turn only to Sideline, we had written off came to Ufa. Here was a miracle we got a cataract removed and an IOL inserted. Very attentive and kind our doctor Arakelova Irina Volodarovka not just a doctor but a doctor is worthy of respect. Kind and considerate pediatrician Mukhametshin Rimma Mirzagitova.After all, when you get to the hospital for the positive outcome of the treatment is very influenced by the attitude of the doctor to the patient.Here in this Department. Go see this head and the collective good, even the kitchen workers are kind and friendly . Big all human thanks and low bow for their professional work and human relations. Sincerely Natalia Zarochentsev
Krasnodar region, Apsheronsk

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Fakhretdinova Gulnara Faritovna

tulips.jpghead. office No. 1 Absalyamov M. S. and doctor Burhanova U. R. for the successful operation 22.05.2015 my mom Sakurovas F. X.. Thank you from me and my entire family for their professionalism, support and attention to patients.

just want to mention the work of the medical staff Khafizova L. N. Safiulina A. Gabdullina L., E. Serazitdinov
Let Your life be more grateful patients and happy!

Fakhretdinova Gulnara faritovna

Absalyamova, V. R., g Baymak, Bashkortostan.


Dear Rustem Rifgatovich!

Take a moment, on the eve of the day of Medical worker, allow me to congratulate You and say "THANK you" for Your humane work, for providing me with timely care, attention and medical care. Thanks to You, had faith in healing, that view became clear, pure and “bright” to see the world.

I thank YOU , Rustem Rifgatovich , ophthalmologist!!!

Let the good energy You gave the people not giving, and will return to You a hundredfold boomerang!

With gratitude Absalyamova, V. R., g Baymak, Bashkortostan.

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Lukmanova T. V.

I Warmly congratulate you on the day of medical worker of the staff of the Ufa research Institute of eye diseases. I want to say a big thank you to the Director Bikbova the month of Muharram Muharemovic and the chief physician of Marvanova Zuleyha the R. for organizing the treatment process and highly professional staff, which helps people to maintain health and vision.
Clinic, like the best avant-garde, takes the brunt of the Advisory reception of patients. Thanks to head of clinic to Klyavlino to Mr Rifkatovich there is a clear organization of work with the use of modern diagnostic and treatment possibilities. Helps him a skilled and attentive nurse Naila Nailevna Gabdrakhmanov. I have to be treated in 4 microsurgical Department. Under the guidance of the head of the Department of Akhtyamova Camille Yelovich and head nurse Sanaevoj Lisa arifovna of the entire staff at the office is sensitive and attentive to the patients. All employees have a high level of professionalism, efficiency and friendliness.
This hospital is like a temple, there to heal wounds, and here is physical.
Special thanks to the head of vitreoretinal and laser surgery, doctor of medical Sciences Faizrakhmanova Rinat Rustamovich. This doctor from God! Pain, fear, despair all gone, when I see his hands and eyes during the operation.
congratulations, thank you for what you remain devoted to their profession and love to the patients, are responsible for their health. Thank you for your hard work, returned to people's vision, attention, sensitivity and professionalism!
I Wish you happiness, health and success in your noble activity!

Terenina Victoria Ruslanivna

Dear Ildar Saitgalieva! Please accept my sincere congratulations on the day of Your Anniversary! You are the one who cares deeply about the health of our son. Thanks to You he can live a full life. Thank You for Your kindness, attentiveness, honesty! You allow parents of their little patients with the hope to look ahead and make new plans. We wish You long life, good health, personal happiness, and Your family - peace and prosperity! Let Your work will be a joy to people and brings You satisfaction! With best wishes, the parents of Leo Terenina (Zheleznovodsk, Stavropol Krai)

Gumerova Louise Shavkatovna

Saks Sofia Ivanovna

On 29 and 30 September, I, a resident of the town of Belebey, was in Ufa Institute of eye diseases at St. Aurora, in surgery, on the 4th floor. I had a cataract removed eyes. The surgery went well, thanks to the wonderful professional surgeon Rashid Mohammad Zavdatovich.
Is a surgeon from God. Thank you to him. And all the work of all the staff, in my experience, well-functioning like clockwork: everything is clear, rhythmically, in time. Well, in our capital city has such a unique medical centre and the docks are in the business, as the surgeon Rashid Mohammad Zavdatovich. Many thanks to him and all the staff of the Department.

Pavlov Dmitry Alekseevich

Recipient: Ministry of health of Belarus

Special thanks go to the attending Physician ophthalmologist Kalinina Tatiana Mikhailovna - Doctor from God. How responsive it relates to sick children, it is clear that the soul puts into each child. Tatyana carries a source of goodness and professionalism. 

For the period of illness of my child, 10 years old girl, came many eye clinics including paid and Malashevska Fedorov, but as it is not sad for 2 years of the child's illness truly professional assistance to us in scientific research Institute of eye diseases, Ufa city. Despite the enormous load, Tatiana most of the time in the operating room,she finds time for each child, with parents drawn politely,"mommy and daddy".
We have a special case and we are set up for long-term treatment, Tatyana reassured us and said welcome to contact us anytime, we always accept and if necessary adjust the treatment. For which many thanks to her. 
Just want to Express my gratitude to the chief physician of Marvanova Zuleyha the R., it is seen that doctor in his place, professional and responsive Manager in one person. A huge thank you to all the doctors and staff of the research Institute of eye diseases who are directly involved in the treatment of my daughter Pavlova, Victoria. Thank You so much. Despite the scarcity of medical equipment, the doctors do not cease to work wonders.

I would like to see the Ministry of the Russian Federation and Belarus more allocated funds for technical equipment of clinics nationwide and they are available to all citizens of the region. Questions ophthalmology acquires every day a greater necessity and importance, and doctors, the ophthalmologists, without any modern equipment in any way. I really hope that the ophthalmology of Bashkortostan will be the best in Russia, this is the best doctors, but weak technical equipment does not allow them to work more efficiently. Very trust that my question be heard. But the Republican doctors the honor and praise.

Sincerely, father daughter, patient Pavlov Dmitry.

Dudukina Of Vanila Galievna

Thank you for a comprehensive eye examination project,Kushida,
Very good team of professionals attentive to the retired
This attention is immediately felt from the Cabinet 1 where a nurse Akchurina patiently and politely explains all the procedures which need to be Thank you for organizing survey
Seniors dudukin VF and FG Dudukina
tel 89174079138

Zabalueva Nadezhda Viktorovna


Ziangirov A. H.

        Ufa research  Institute of eye diseases at the address    Ufa Pushkin street 90, 15.07.20016 I had a high-tech operation.

I was pleasantly surprised seeing modern med. equipment, and communicating with doctors have purchased the rest as they don't let you down.

 the Operation was done in the first surgical Department of me dear doctor

 Rashid M. J. gave me 100 percent view, great thanks to You.

                    I am eternally grateful to all the staff of this team.

         With respect to You, the patient Ziangirov A. H.

Ivushkin Vladimir

I Ivushkin V. A. wanted to Express my heartfelt gratitude to all the doctors and honey.the staff of the 4th microsurgery Department, especially Ahtamova Camille the Nailyevich and Kalentieva Alsu Zufarovna for the sensitivity, understanding and professionalism in the approach and treatment of my disease. I wish all the staff success in hard work. Thank you very much!