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Refresher training

Implementation of training programmes aimed at improving and (or) obtaining new competences necessary for professional activity and (or) improvement of professional level in the framework of the existing skills.

GBU "UV NII GB an RB" are implemented: 

price improvement, including General questions (public health, anatomy, physiology of the organ of vision, research methods, etc.) and parts of ophthalmology (depending on topics).

thematic improvement Courses -  for those who wish to deepen or to acquire new knowledge on a particular section of ophthalmology. The training consists of theoretical part (lectures, seminars) and practical skills.

the Cycle of thematic improvement "Surgical treatment of diseases of the lens. Phacoemulsification of the cataract. WETLAB". Professionals have a unique opportunity in the shortest possible time to master the modern technology of phacoemulsification. The laboratory is equipped with modern operating microscopes, phacoemulsification last generation, a set of microsurgical instruments, artificial lenses and high-quality viscoelastics. Training in WETLAB will be a very high technical and pedagogical level. Lectures during a cycle are read by leading experts of the Institute, students attend surgeries in the operating unit of the clinic, is also broadcast "live surgery".

workplace Training. Useful for ophthalmologists wishing to learn from the practical experience of the specialists of the Ufa research Institute of eye diseases and to develop new methods of diagnosis, conservative or surgical treatment. Individual training in the workplace may take place in any Department of the Institute.

Implementation of educational programs in accordance with the main directions of research work of GBU "UV NII GB an RB", given its diversity and the use of high technology. Educational programs are constantly adjusted and supplemented with modern achievements in ophthalmology.

The quality of the training is provided by highly qualified scientific and pedagogical staff, including 3 professors, 9 doctors and 29 candidates of medical Sciences, 57 doctors of the highest category.

For the educational process, there are classrooms with presentation equipment and broadcast from the operating microscopes, library; students are free to meet all clinical and research departments, operating theatres.

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Students who successfully complete the training and pass the final certification, receive documents of the established sample, the certificate of qualification. 

No person passed the final certification or received on the final examination results are unsatisfactory and the persons who have mastered part of the additional vocational programs and (or) expelled from the Institute, shall be issued a certificate of training or about the training period.