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How is the operation

Procedure surgery

After consultation with the physician, our medical staff will start preparations for the operation. Anesthesia is achieved with just a few drops of anesthetic. Nurses or doctors will fully describe to you the procedure. The operation is performed in the supine position. The laser has several lights (red, green, and flashing red). Markers are reference points for the patient, which he constantly monitors during operation. We staged everything in order to minimize any signs of stress both during and after surgery.

the Doctor will constantly talk to you and explain what occurs at different stages of the operation, and certainly will provide the most comfortable conditions to the operation was stress-free for you. You should not worry about how you watched the flashing light, because the newest laser has automatic system recognition and tracking of a patient's eye.

Aftercare instructions

After surgery you spend in the waiting room, where you during the 30-40 minute rest, then a doctor will examine you and will give you a final briefing. On the day of surgery the patients are advised not to touch the eye (do not RUB, not wipe), watch TV, read and sleep during the day. During the day every 2 hours buried in the eye drops prescribed to you. On the morning of the next day arrival for a visit to the surgeon. Immediately after surgery, the patient noted improvement in vision, but in the early days can be fuzzy. In the days that followed, the vision is quickly restored. Visual recovery takes longer for near vision than for distance vision.