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Open access Electronic library system (ELS) "Consultant physician. Electronic medical library"     

"Consultant physician" is a medical electronic informational-educational system, the resources which are available on the Internet. The materials contained in the "Consultant physician", developed by leading Russian specialists on the basis of current scientific knowledge (evidence based medicine). The information is prepared taking into account the position of the scientific-practical medical society (world, European and Russian) in the relevant specialty. All materials have passed the mandatory independent review.   

Access to the database "Consultant physician. Electronic medical library" (EMB)  can get library  and  scientific-educational Department 

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In the journal Acta opthtalmologica published a new article employees Ufrii 
"Standard corneal collagen crosslinking versus transepithelial iontophoresis-assisted corneal crosslinking,  24 months follow-up: randomized control trial" 
Guzel Bikbova, Mukharram Bikbov. 
The full text of the article can meet you by clicking on the link: 

The most popular books of 2015 

the the the the the the the the the the
1. Drugs used in ophthalmology for international nepatentovannoe, grouping and  registered trade names. The order of appointment and invoicing of medicines: guidelines / A. N. Amirov, R. N. Tokinov, E. G. Aleksandrova. - Kazan: LLC "Smart doctor", 2015. - 88 p
2. Ectasia of the cornea: the monograph / M. M. Bikbov, G. M. Bikbov:. - M.: April, 2011. - 162 p.

3. Keratoconus / T. D. Abugov. - SPb. : OOO "RA Veko", 2015. - 94 p. 

4. Intravitreal pharmacotherapy pathology Department, Central retinal venous occlusion: guidelines / M. M. Bikbov, T. R. Gil'manshin I, R. R. Faizrakhmanov, I. Gilyazova. - Ufa, 2015. - 21 p.  

5. Actual questions of pathogenesis and treatment of proliferative diabetic retinopathy: guidelines / M. M. Bikbov, R. fayzrakhmanov, A. L.  Yarmuhamedova, T. R. Gil'manshin I, R. M. Zainullin, - Ufa, 2015. - 20 p.  

6. Corneal pathology: diagnosis and treatment / edited by D. Dementyev. - M. : Premium Vision, 2013. - 196 p. 
7. Optical coherence tomography. A practical guide / Lumbroso B., M. Rispoli. - M.: Binom, 2014. - 208 p.  
8. Changes in the organ of vision in diseases of the internal organs: tutorial / D. I. Trukhan, O. I. Lebedev. - M.: Practical medicine, 2014. - 208 p.
9. Ophthalmology: a guide / ed: J. P. Ehlers, C. P. Shah ; translated by Y. S. Astakhov. - M.: Medpress-inform, 2012. - 541 p. 
10. Glaucoma. National leadership / under. ed. by E. A. Egorova  - M.: GEOTAR-Media, 2013. - 818 p.