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Refresher course (General improvement certification) – 144 hours

Refresher course (General improvement certification) – 144 hours

  • Description for services:

    Invited the ophthalmologists of the outpatient and inpatient departments, citizens of the Russian Federation and foreign citizens. 

    144-hour course designed to ophthalmologists who are required to undergo regular training and to extend specialist certificate. 

    Courses contain lectures and seminars on the organization of health care, anatomy and physiology of the organ of vision, modern methods of diagnostics in ophthalmology. Depending on the selected topics each course covers issues of diagnosis and treatment relating to several specific aspects of ophthalmology. 

    During training students are introduced to the work of all departments of the Institute, including the operating, can use the library of the Institute, which has a large number of domestic and foreign ophthalmic literature, access to the Internet.

    Schedule  2019 academic year

    the the the

    04.02 – 02.03.2019


    25.03 – 20.04.2019

    Ophthalmology (childhood)

    16.09 – 12.10.2019


    You can also organise the certification exam results  certification established MOH sample.

    the Program of additional vocational training(improvement of doctors Ophthalmology (childhood)

    the Program of additional vocational training (improvement of) doctors Ophthalmology

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Name Training period The cost
For foreign citizens 144 hours (4 weeks) 30 000 RUB