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Training on the topic: "corneal Crosslinking"

Training on the topic: "corneal Crosslinking"

  • Description for services:

    Invited the ophthalmologists of the outpatient and inpatient departments, citizens of the Russian Federation and foreign citizens. 

    In Ufa research Institute of eye diseases developed and put into practice the first and the only domestic machine "Uplink" for the ultraviolet irradiation of the cornea. Institute staff has accumulated a unique experience of application of UVR for various diseases of the cornea (keratoconus, corneal dystrophy, or inflammatory changes, etc.). 

    The material taught by the staff of the Department of surgery of the cornea and lens (head. Professor Bikbov M. M.). 

    The contents of the course:

    Lecture "Crosslinking: methodology, indications, complications, outcomes."

    Lecture "the results of the application of crosslinking in diseases of the cornea according to the Ufa scientific research Institute GB"

    Demonstration device for ultraviolet irradiation of the cornea "Uplink", the principle and the operating procedure, and operating conditions. 

    Exemplary crosslinking operation (UFO) of the cornea with a demonstration directly in the operating room. 

    Duration training – 3 business days. 

    training Time are set individually for the receipt of applications. 

    Graduates are given reference about learning in the workplace

    For questions, contact us by phone (347)272-33-61,      

    Fax (347) 272-37-75 at the address: 450008, Ufa, Pushkina str, 90. 
    E-mail: obrotdel@yandex.ru.

    Head of scientific-educational Department, PhD Sagadatova N.M.


Name Training period The cost
At the direction of the doctors from the institutions who bought the device "Uplink" 0 RUB
For Russian citizens 3 working days 8 000 RUB