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In Ufrii GB has modern diagnostic equipment PENTACAM HR

14 October 2015, Wednesday 00:00 Просмотров: 604

PENTACAM HR is a unique device that allows to obtain features for 138 000 points eyes.

Pentacam developed on the basis of a rotating camera Scheimpflug. The result of the circular rotation of the camera produces a 3-dimensional image Scheimpflug dot matrix, chicken wire in the center. To obtain a complete image of the anterior eye segment takes only 2 seconds. Involuntary eye movement is defined by the second chamber, after which the process is adjusted. Pentacam calculates 3-dimensional model of the anterior segment of the eye.

The new device is designed to image the cornea, opaque lens, implants and intrastromal corneal rings technology Schempflug. It allows to precisely determine the position and apatitskih phakic intraocular lenses, to identify their decentration, which is especially important for toric IOL. In addition, there is a special mode of representation of the optic of the IOL.

The apparatus allows accurate measurement of the cornea for 2 seconds. Special software allows the study of patients with ametropia of high degree. Optional software enables to simulate the three-dimensional implantation of a phakic IOL, to determine its position in front of the camera, including the long-term prognosis.

Are calculated and displayed topography and pachymetry of the entire top and back surfaces of the cornea from limbus to limbus. Analysis of the anterior segment of the eye includes the calculation of the anterior chamber angle, volume and height of the front camera and also allows you to make calculations in any parts of the front camera manually. In the model, eyes on the screen that can be rotated in either direction, visible to the upper and posterior surfaces of the cornea, iris, and the anterior and posterior surfaces of the lens. Densitometry of the lens is performed automatically.

Image Scheimpflug obtained during the survey, digitized in the main unit of the device, and then transferred to a PC.

When the examination ends, the PC calculates the 3-dimensional modelanterior segment of the eye, from which comes all the additional information.

The analyzer of the anterior segment Pentacam HR is an indispensable tool in the preparation of patients for refractive and cataract, treatment of glaucoma, during preoperative and postoperative follow-up.

Allows you to examine the whole range of diseases of the anterior segment of the eye. Can be used as a screening examination of the population.