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Meeting with the moose promises the acquaintance with a good man resident baltachevskogo district have tested this folk omen

8 May 2012, Tuesday 00:00 Просмотров: 708

To our office received a letter from a pensioner from Baltachevskogo district. With the invention it came to the story about how he was treated in scientific research Institute of eye diseases. It's a fascinating story we published in this issue.



He was standing on the road — a slender, black, with white policyname and proudly tossed her head.
Stood in some kind of stress-rapid position, and it all seemed so unreal, like film, to fix a running animal, stopped at one of the most dynamic personnel.
Stood and looked at the rushing to meet the bus so quietly that the driver inadvertently stepped on the brakes:
Look, the moose!
We in surprise could not utter a word: Here, not far from the road, in a small grove lives is extraordinarily beautiful and rare animal.
You know, I once heard that the meeting with the moose promises the acquaintance with a good man, someone said.
I went to Ufa research Institute of eye diseases the surgery from cataracts.
And after passing of necessary technical formalities, registries, medical tests I am in the house. To me, a veteran of labour and great Patriotic war Egorov Viktor Ivanovich – resident of Ufa.
Kuramshin, Halis Hanifovich of Kiginskoe district and I — Zhamaletdinov Munir Kamalovich Baltachevskogo of Starobeshevo district. Met, each outlined the history of his illness, where and how it was treated, what is the use of official medicine, folk treatments for different ailments, etc.
Discussed the news from the media, exchanged views on political,
economic, social, cultural and other topics.
Someone has shared a few new jokes, some jokes "with a beard". And before bedtime Viktor asks us a question:
Guys, what do you think, whether will allow me to have the operation on the eyes of my friend the ophthalmologist the surgeon?
We exchanged their opinions, who was "for" who "against", but because of lack of awareness, here we are a consensus party. Then I went out into the hallway and asked this question nurse on duty. She replied that it was a legitimate, constitutional law, and the patient may be treated by any doctor.
I quickly went back into the room and joyfully announced to him this good news. And then asked to name the ophthalmologist.
It turns out that duringProfi-lactic treatment in another Institute one of his friends suggested that, if feasible, treated and operated at Orenburkina. Name and surname he could not remember because of the common concussion.
We went to bed, saying good night and sweet dreams to everyone, because in the morning we waited' surgery anyone glaucoma they cataract.
And in the morning we were expected, you won't believe the surprise!
In our ward confidently went pretty, fair-haired woman, read out our name and said that she is our doctor and her name is Olga Ivanovna. Orenburkina. She told me to prepare for the surgery named in it; fine. And went into the other chamber.
We all three looked at each other, surprised and delighted — we fate sent a good man, a great surgeon ophthalmologist.
I had a terrible myopia, complicated with astigmatism, I was wearing cylindrical glasses with diorite -11, -12. But in recent years glasses have not seen even two biggest letters on the table. In recent years, developed a cataract and I began to see only silhouettes of people and objects. And only Golden hands, Olga Ivanovna and her deep knowledge of medicine gave me back my sight.
Now" I see the letters are 4-5 row of the table. My roommates have also become a much better feel after surgery she is one recovered from a cataract, the second is partially from glaucoma.
For 12 years she has helped thousands of people, and I hope will long continue to be the case.
She's happy - talking about it. Yes, she's happy, because he can't live for yourself, because her joy measures-Xia with total joy, because her care is the care of all! Creative and practical progress it has made in only his hands, his head.
I wanted to learn more about our dental doctor in detail. Olga Orenburkina in 1999 he graduated from the Bashkir state medical University, and then completed internship, residency and two-year post-graduate course at the Ufa research Institute of eye diseases. In 2005 he successfully defended his dis-certutil. And the main precept of the doctor - "do No harm!" became for Olga Ivanovna's motto throughout her life.
I was coming home from the Institute after a successful operation on both eyes, at night on the bus "Orenburg-Perm". The forest in the dark, whispering wall ' surrounded the road. Could not see any dig. And of course not to see was our acquaintance, but I sense the shaft is that it is somewhere nearby, maybe justran across the road. Worth asked, slightly moving a soft, velvety lips: "Well, met you a good man?" Yes!

Munir Kamalovich of Zhamaletdinov, a retired teacher,
The city, Baltachevskijj district.