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In Ufrii GB has modern diagnostic equipment - automatic perimeter Optopol PTS 1000 (Poland)

7 October 2015, Wednesday 00:00 Просмотров: 616

PTS 1000 1.jpgIt is a modern diagnostic tool for the most accurate testing of visual fields using static and kinetic stimuli. The perimeter used incentives all accepted sizes (Goldmann) perimetry, and traditional colors (white, red, green, blue).

   Main features of the device:

  • Depending on the chosen strategy possible to conduct screening test of the visual fields and subtle studies of the threshold sensitivity of the retina in different selected zones
  • Color perimetry in addition to the white stimulus field of view is investigated with red and green stimulus. To detect early changes in the visual fields in glaucoma using a blue-yellow perimetry ("blue on yellow")
  • The flicker test is carried out using flickering stimulus. Allows to determine the critical frequency of merge of flashings CFF (Critical Fusion Frequency). This indicator characterizes the work of optic nerve fibers, which is important in neuropathy and in the diagnosis of glaucoma
  • Kinetic perimetry. This type of research is recommended for patients with large visual field defects, which are difficult to perform static perimetry. Incentives are used four colors (white, red, green, blue) and five sizes (according to Goldman)
  • Field evaluation of the eyes (binocular function) is performed using a BVS strategy. Comprehensive test of visual function in drivers possible through the expansion of the field of view with the temporal side 80°
  • The results are presented in the form of four easily interpretable maps
  • Automatic dual control fixation according to the method Heijl–Krakau and with the built-indigital camera
  • The self-diagnostic system signals the user of any faults in the program
  • Electronic height adjustment of the support for the chin.
  • Methods binocular perimetry (test Esterman).

pts1000.jpgPTS1000 automated perimeter allows not only to collect data in the survey, but also to analyze them using special built-in functions for detecting defects of vision.

The installation of this equipment will improve the quality of diagnosis of ophthalmological diseases and, as a result, timely initiation of therapy.