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  4. In the capital, successfully hosted the international scientific-practical conference of eye surgeons."Evening Ufa", No. 77

In the capital, successfully hosted the international scientific-practical conference of eye surgeons."Evening Ufa", No. 77

24 April 2010, Saturday 00:00 Просмотров: 770

East and West met in Ufa

Scientific-practical conference called "East-West". One of the main organizers of the forum, Director of the Ufa research Institute of eye diseases of Muharram Bikbov meaning of names said: "We are at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. The Ufa school of ophthalmologists appreciate here and there. Our Institute in recent years has entered the world stage, announcing himself as one of the leading science centers in the treatment of disease of the organ of vision. We are invited to prestigious international symposiums and conferences and those that we are having, trying to get to. And East and West we call two hospital campus of the Institute on the streets of Aurora and Pushkin."
In the words of Professor that at the Ufa conference foreign colleagues really wanted, is no exaggeration. After releasing a cloud of dust, the Icelandic volcano with the unpronounceable name has paralyzed air communication in Europe, the organizers feared that the number of registered participants is significantly thinned. In vain was afraid, almost all came.
Not waiting for flying weather, drive the sludge through the tunnel crossed the English channel shining world size in refractive surgery Charles Clos from the UK. About the same on the chaise, reached Ufa German Professor Gregor Wollensak, founder of the whole direction in the treatment of diseases of the cornea, called crosslinking. Flew four Indian doctors. Understand say that on the way back, possible complications, who knows where you will turn the cloud. But for a conference to arrive just had. Especially as one of them, Arul Warman, on the first day performed the operation of implantation of an artificial lens in the format of "live surgery".
Sight is really

Operations in real time - the highlight of today's conferences of ophthalmologists. The report is conducted of the operating of the Institute's clinic. The image is transmitted through the Internet on a huge screen. Occurring immediately comment on the surgeon and moderator in the auditorium. Immediately after the surgery, everyone can ask questions. Great school, especially for the provincial surgeon. However, the concept of the province with the developmentmodern information technologies is gradually disappearing. On these two days the province for delegates of the Congress were the London, Berlin and Bombay, and Ufa became the capital of ophthalmic surgery.
In addition to these Indian workshops for colleagues conducted a Muscovite Nikolay Sobolev and hopefully Minulla Absalamov, Ilnur of Khusnitdinov and Aigul Bikbulatov. The operation was done for cataract with removal of the damaged lens and implanting in its place the artificial intraocular lens. It is today one of the most common types of surgical intervention and the only effective way to restore sight often encountered in the elderly disease.
For two days the participants of the conference listened to and discussed dozens of reports all main problems of modern ophthalmology. Cataract surgery, diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma, pathology of the vitreous and retina, pediatric ophthalmopathology is only the main directions of which were made by leading specialists. A meeting of the Association of heads of ophthalmologic clinics of Russia. All conference materials are published in the voluminous collection of scientific papers. On two floors there is an exhibition of ophthalmic products from leading manufacturers.
And masters of the stage in the hall intended for them still made. The conference ended with a concert of the State academic ensemble of folk dance named after Faizi Gaskarov. The virtuoso dance is applauded virtuosos surgery. The next international conference of the Ufa ophthalmologists carried out in June.