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On the eve of science Day by the staff of the Institute Faizrakhmanov R. R. and Yarmuhamedova A. L. received grants of the Republic of Bashkortostan following the results of competition of scientific works of young scientists and youth scientific teams.
4 Feb 2014 in Ufrii GB an RB at the address: Aurora street, 14 took place the field session of the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences RB
Physiotherapy Department Department of hospital replacing technologies is located on the third floor in the children's outpatient Department at Aurora 14.
31 January 2014 at 14.00 at the 14 Aurora held its annual General meeting of the labor collective Ufrii GB
Prof. M. M. Bikbov was awarded diplomas for active participation Ufrii GB multicentrum the study of "LUMINOUS"