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Mahmutov Ruslan Rafailevich

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Family Sabatini and Markov family.

Hello! Write two families, we met at your Institute while lying on the treatment of children. The History Of Markov. 2015 my husband was born very long-awaited daughter, but a month later ophthalmologists was diagnosed with "Congenital cataract of the left eye", the eye was blind. Searching for the best surgeon and the best hospital, we stopped at g Ufa research Institute of Eye Diseases. Wrote via the Internet the head of children's Department Ildar Zaidullina Saitgalieva, He answered us immediately and was invited for an inspection and if necessary for the operation. Have a severe case, PGST syndrome and surgery is required urgently, otherwise we risk poterat eyes. Zaidullin jewelry had the operation, did something for others that simply would not come. He dealt with the complications that can not be avoided when the diagnosis as our daughter, unfortunately it took another surgery which Ildar Saitgalieva had brilliantly. Now the patient eye sees and we develop the vision. History Sabatini. In January 2015 our two-month daughter was diagnosed with "Bilateral congenital cataracts". In the capital of hospitals and doctors a lot, but either you have to wait up to 6 months, or without IOL implantation. And vision would be better if before to remove cataracts and implant IOLs. Having read positive reviews about Dr. Zaidullin I. S., went to him previously and contact them. He looked, confirmed the diagnosis, prescribe surgery. Operations were a success, despite the little eyes of my daughter. It was difficult to implant the IOL, but Ildar Saitgalieva did everything at the highest level. Now we are in Moscow and come to the inspection to Ufa. The child sees through Zaidullina Ildar Saitgalieva. More kind and helpful person we've ever met, he's a real professional in his field. He's a first class surgeon and our gratitude to him is boundless. I want to note the entire staff, all very kind and helpful people. In particular Astakhov Elvira Midhatovna, she is very professional nurse and a wonderful person. Our family would be very happy and grateful if the Minister of Saitgalieva said the award, because it gives our kids a chance to see the world, thanks to him and his Golden hands of our children see. I'd like to see the work of this great surgeon were noted.


I want to Express my gratitude to see Saitgalieva!!!!! For his hard work and a labour. My son had a congenital nuclear cataract in both eyes. A lot of positive reviews on the Internet pushed us to come to him from Kabardino - Balkaria, and fortunately not regretted it!!! The doctor knows his business, very good-natured and sympathetic, aware that he is the last hope for many!!!! Thank you for everything!!! For patience with your patients!!!!

Barmenkov, A. V.

Want to say a big thank you to the staff of GBU "URRIE GBAN RB". Especially a big thank you to surgeon of the 2-nd microsurgical Department, Renata Kazakbaeva Amirovich . Thanks to You I can already see half the world in bright, clear colors. And I ask all who have cataracts and glaucoma not to be afraid and not to delay the disease, and as early as possible to go to the doctors. Our doctors really Golden hands.Thank you very much to all the staff of the Institute and I congratulate all men on the occasion of February 23. With respect Barmenkov, V. A. Sterlitamak

Afanasyeva Marina

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Estemirova A. S.

On behalf of the group of patients from Bugulma, RT Express our deep gratitude to all of you for your mercy and patience for what you giving us the opportunity to see the world in bright new colors, which we forgot because of his poor vision . May God give You and good health and success in your noble cause!

Ibatullina Z.

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Akhmadishina Rice The Gazizovna

I want to Express my gratitude to the doctors and honey. the staff of the 1st microsurgical branch GBU "URRIE GBAN RB". From residents of the Republic of Tatarstan. d. Aleksandrovka and S. UBA Bavly region. February 2, 2016. us in the amount of 12 people gathered to travel to Ufa. We expect a comfortable micro bus from Ufa research Institute of eye diseases. At exactly 6.00 am we drove off. Arriving at the place, we visited a few offices and were treated very well, girls med. sister kind, sympathetic, nice. Then we were taken to the inpatient Department, where he arranged for chambers: the house is warm, clean everywhere order, fed tasty, and the doctor examined us, prescribe the procedure, checked the pressure and the next day, February 3, was assigned to the operation. February 3 in the morning again we had the procedure, and then underwent surgery. With such a good attitude on the part of doctors, surgeons and medical personnel and operations we all have been very successful. The fare for meals for operation with the us neither took nor what kind of payment. Everything was done for free. And us 4 February, after operating examination performed very well on the road back home, wished a happy journey. Dear staff of the Institute!!! Dear Absalyamov Minulla the Sharafutdinovich, Sarvarov Denis Anasovich, zaynullina Nelly bulatovna, Karina oganisjan and all, without exception, who worked with 2февраля on 4 February 2016 many thanks to all! You have a kind heart and Golden hands you helped us to restore sight!!! You all health, happiness, family happiness and prosperity. Thank you for the warm welcome and warm reception. You are true professionals! On behalf of the residents of the Republic of Tatarstan. d. Aleksandrovka and S. UBA Bavlinsky district Akhmadishina rice the gazizovna.

Salahutdinov I. V., Galieva N. P. Sultanova, R. B., Ashrafkhanova Z. I., Khamatshin N. T.

A thank you letter.

We, the undersigned patients 307 and 316 of the chambers of the ophthalmology DEP.Institute of eye diseases, Ufa:

1) Salahutdinova V. I. R. 1946 from the village. Hannabach

2) Galieva N. P. 1952 from the village.Laki

3) R. B. Sultanova from the village. Elexis

4)Ashrafkhanova Z. I. R. 1944, of der. Nurkeevo

5)Khamatshin N. T. Born in 1940 from the village.Nurkeevo we are all of the Sarmanovsky district of the Republic of Tatarstan. I want to thank You for something that gave us life, gave us an opportunity to see the sun and the world, thank you from the heart. These surgeons:

1) Nikitin, A. F. - operated Salahutdinova and Galieva

2) Z. G. Israfilov - operated Sultanov

3) Khismatullin R. R. - operated Khamatshin and Araptanova.

From Sarmanovo we had 21 people. From Ufa the bus came ( driver's name not know) it was 19.10.2017 and without any trouble we arrived in Ufa. Thank you for the attention of the driver.The office is cozy, clean. Chamber warm, bright, spacious. The bed is clean, food is 5-tarasove.

Thank You doctor for Your difficult but honorable work!

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Gysin Milyausha

I want to Express my gratitude to the doctors of the Institute of eye diseases, for their extreme professionalism, sensitivity and care shown to me. I have a retinal detachment since 2006,and since then I have seen in this Institute. My situation was not easy, was operated at three surgeons. And the last two of them spent Rinat Rustamovich. Thank You ,for trying to answer all the questions "on our" language and your confidence! When you feel confident of the doctor,it is transmitted to the patient. I wish You all success in your noble work, new discoveries, victories, health, family happiness!

Suleymanova Flyura Murzagalieva

I Express my deep gratitude to the talented doctor Hismatullina Ryan to A. R. for the individual approach to each patient. Thank you so much for restoring vision. Thank you very much! Health to you and your family!

Zhuravlev V. D.

Shortly before the trip to Ufa,at the end of December 2017. I got an eye injury. In his native city was given first aid and prescribed treatment, but being in a Ufa I started fever-severe pain the eye muscles, continuous lacrimation, photophobia. I went to the reception area, took me Rais Hasiewicz, assessing the seriousness of the consequences, he sent me for x-rays, and later on CT scan, thereby eliminating undetected effects of injury, pulled the remnants of a foreign body, has appointed a new integrated treatment and guidance. Now in early January, I feel a lot better, visual acuity returned. I sincerely want to Express my gratitude Rais Agiewich, all med.staff in the admissions Department and to the institution for clear organization, and most importantly for their honey. help with my almost hopeless situation. May God give You health, Rais Hasiewicz and all the best!

Ulyanov V. I.

I had cataracts in both eyes. It is not necessary to prove how important vision is to humans. Not to insult all the other senses, but vision of what they value most. It is through the vision of the person gets almost 90% of all information about the outside world. And which information: bright, colorful, intense. Eyes to see the world in all its diversity, make a person physically complete and suitable for any task. Vision in the right eye was restored after the operation, which successfully held the surgeon khans Hullside Vacilovna. I did not have time to admire during the operation, luscious colour pictures of the kaleidoscope in his eye as the surgery is over. After the surgery I realized what a truly vibrant, colorful, rich the world what snow white really, because I can see the left suffering from cataracts of the eye and compare what I see right operated eye. Thanks Hullside Vacilovna and all I microsurgical separation for the restoration of the right eye. Happy New year! I wish you happiness!

Nadezhdina Elena

Thank you for your work and kind and caring attitude to patients!!!We are very grateful and wish in new year you all was well in the family and at work!!!!

Mukhametzyanova G. V.

Good evening to all readers. I can not leave your opinion about ophthalmologist Aigul Ansafone Farhutdinova. Attentive to every patient, good-natured, active and nimble, it is clear that a great expert in their field, loving chosen profession. 20 Dec gave me the operation to remove chalazion. Parallel to the teaching assistant. Thank you so much. Nowadays doctors rarely meet such people!

Ramil Salikhov, Muslimovic

I Express my deep gratitude for the attention, timely diagnosis and monitoring of vision after injury, qualified approach.Thank you very much!

Ramil Salikhov, Muslimovic

I Express my deep gratitude and appreciation to the talented doctor to Ilnur Ildarovich Khusnitdinova for his attentive, personal approach to each patient. Thank you so much for the restoration of vision and addressing the complications which have arisen at me after an eye injury. Thank you very much! God bless you!

Shakirova Alfiya

Fatkhutdinov, A. H. - doctor with a capital letter! Despite his relatively young age, has vast experience exposure, always explain everything and clearly! The operation was doing very terribly, but thanks to huge calmness and professionalism of the doctor, everything went quite smoothly and quickly! A huge thank you! Bow!

Khairova Gulnara Fagimovna

I want to Express my sincere gratitude to the wonderful surgeon Sarvarova Denis Anasovich a successful surgery for removal of complicated cataract 24 Oct 2017. Thank you so much for bringing back the ability to see normally and live a full life. I also want to thank all the staff of the 4th surgical Department for the attentive attitude to patients. Wishing you good health and success in your noble cause.

Karimov Antonina Yakovlevna