90 Pushkin st./ 14 Aurora st., Ufa, Russia, 450008
Call Center
+7 (347) 286-5303 eye@bashgmu.ru, eye@anrb.ru

Advantages of Our Clinic

- The presence of electronic queue allows to reduce the wait time.
- The maximum number of operating days in a week.
- Our clinic is a public institution. The total number of operations per year 34000, including laser correction is of the order of 2 000 per year.
We refused to work on older devices in favor of more modern technology and equipment.

round trips laser vision correction system Technolas 217Z100P (Germany) is a complex that combines diagnostics, planning and carrying out laser vision correction in a single unit through a computer network.

- Preoperative examination is performed directly by the surgeon. Accumulated surgical experience and high qualification of surgeons to allow the inspection process to choose the most optimal method of recovery: 

  • laser vision correction LASIK or Femto – LASIK;
  • the
  • clear lens extraction with implantation of premium intraocular lenses of leading manufacturers (Alcon, Rayner): for correction of astigmatism – toric lens for correction of presbyopia is multifocal;
  • the
  • implantation of the Myoring corneal rings.

- The operation on the same day in compliance with the requirements specified in pamiatka.
Operating days: mon.- PT. 12.00.