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Garbuz R. R

We sincerely thank 1 MH/Oh,so respectful to us for the kindness,care from doctors,nurses to nurses.We wish you strong health,success in your future endeavours,long life.With respect Yangildina F. G. Mukhametshin  F. K.,Garbus.R-Chelyab.oblast,Satka.,Kasimova Z. K.,Seliverstov Vladimir-Sterlitamak

Alibayev Damir Shakirovich

I sincerely thank the medical team 1 microsurgery of the Ufa research Institute of eye diseases,especially thank the surgeon, Dr. Orenburkina Olga  Ivanovna,doctor Bikbulatova A. A. thank You so much for returning me to life-back vision,while in Chelyabinsk, the ophthalmologist refused..I Wish all the staff good health,success in work and in personal life.With respect Alibayev Damir Shakirovich,a resident of D. D. Kurmanova 17,Argayashsky district,Chelyabinsk.region.tel:89122915406

Cherniavsky Galina

I Express my deep gratitude to see Saitgalieva and all the staff of the children's microsurgical Department. My son had a congenital nuclear cataract in the right eye. Documents sent to different hospitals, but no one answered so far. Learned about the Ufa Institute of eye diseases and immediately called.A month before the surgery we made the appointment.And when the baby was 4 months we went to Ufa from Astrakhan. The operation was successful, now we are in a period of recovery and further treatment, but I can already see the result - my son sees me and smiles and most importantly. Ildar Saitgalieva very polite, friendly and attentive doctor.A doctor from God! Thank You again for the opportunity to see and explore the world my son!

Asiya Yunus

Real kudesniki work in Ufa research Institute of eye diseases at the St. Aurora, 14. I am in full consciousness and are talking, my eye is in motion, and Timur, A. Khalimov it operates, changes the lens. Ten minutes and I can see better than before went vision problems. I love it! That brought me here in complete blindness in both eyes. I am immensely grateful to my surgeon Hulimavu Timur Azatovich. Hats off to the head of the fourth microsurgical Department doctor of medical Sciences the Camille Nailevich Ahtyamov. He has trained a team of vysokoprofessional that the office works like clockwork. 

All employees are extremely sensitive to the patients, friendly, true professionals, like doctors, nurses, and chefs and service staff. Himself Camille Nailevich even on my day off comes and carefully examine the condition of each patient, prescribes additional procedures. Lives care about people. A real people's doctor! I am very grateful to each employee microsurgical fourth branch, headed by the Director Kamil Nailevich Ahtyamov.

Yaroslav T. M., Birsk

20 February and 26 July this year I was operated on both eyes with a diagnosis of complicated cataract in I of microsurgical Department of the Ufa research Institute of eye diseases at the address Pushkin street, 90. 
The first operation was performed by doctor of medical Sciences, doctor of the highest category Bikbulatova Aigul Tahtamouni. Second - as brilliantly carried out by the doctor  highest qualification by Suhanovym Ulaem Californicum. General postoperative diagnosis, and the treatment was carried out under the supervision of the head. branch candidate of med. Sciences husnutdinova by Ildar Innerbeam.
All of these doctors are doctors of God, for the talent and art of healing is impossible without God's Providence. I bow to you all, our healers, I wish to permanently save your high professionalism and deep humanity. Health to you spiritual and physical, many good years.
My words apply of course to the entire staff: doctors and clinics employees, and the cute, skilled in their craft, kind and patient nurses, and conscientious workers-nurses and nurses, the caring matron.
My sincere words of gratitude, wishes for all good things of life and professional excellence

Khabibullin Salavat Gabitovich

I am a former civil engineer, now retired, I want to Express my gratitude to the attending doctor by Bikbulatova AA and all the medical staff for their professionalism, sensitivity and attention to patients. 2 times I operated on eyes with complicated cataracts, now I have 100% vision as a child. I also want to note that the staff of the clinic and hospital clearly and professionally run, can not be said about local clinics.

Vasilyeva O. V.

Good day! I want to Express my gratitude to the doctor Bikbulatova to Mr M. for his Golden hands, in March, April 2016, he'd make two transactions - one to replace the lens on one eye and laser the other eye, I have a complex astigmatism (-10),  it's been 2 years and 3 months - my eyes see fine, certainly not a unit, but since my diagnosis we didn't expect to be one, now -1,75, for me it's perfect - with such a big minus. I now saw the world with new eyes, and most importantly  clearly, clearly - it was the dream of my life! Thanks for your thoughtful and sincere attitude, for the happiness to SEE you!  are You a doctor from God! God bless You and Your family health! Recommend You to their friends and acquaintances. And thank you to all the staff of the UNION of eye diseases!

Safin R. H.

I want to Express my gratitude for Your work!
In may, our grandmother Safina rose to Habibrahmanova did the surgery replaced the lens. We conducted a rehabilitation course in the doctor - everything is fine, eyes fine. Grandma is very happy, though for the first time saw the world, happy ,life is good! Thank You very much!

Family Manapovich

We Express our heartfelt gratitude to the surgeon-ophthalmologist Kazakbaeva Renata Amirovich for high professionalism and quality held in June this year the operation on extraction of complicated cataract and replace the lens of the eye to the head of our family, and feel a sense of gratitude to the medical staff led by R. A. Casasbuenas 2-nd microsurgical Department for coordinating the work in the process of patient treatment. Congratulations to all the employees of the Institute with the professional holiday.

family Manapovich

Karimov Alevtina Alekseevna

I want to Express huge gratitude and respect to all the staff of the research Institute of eye diseases of the Academy of Sciences of RB, which acts as a clear mechanism for treatment of the eye and return of vision patients. Separately say a big thank you from me and my family doctor, candidate of medical Sciences Usubov Emin Lajmanovich, which gave me back my sight. This is the doctor "Golden hands", which makes unique operation on the cornea of the eye, restoring the ability to see. I thank the whole team of doctors that participated in the operation, treatment and in my recovery.

Zakharov I.

Good day! I want you to strike deep gratitude to the doctor of Ufa research Institute of eye diseases Department outpatient surgery Fathutdinova Aydar Hatipovic! My mother was diagnosed with cataracts. On the recommendations addressed to the Aurora 14, in Department outpatient surgery. The separation threshold we were met by smiling young doctor. Which we spent in observation and began to examine. Advance reading everything on the Internet I thought I would drown in a pile of information and terminology! But Fatkhutdinov, A. X explained everything very clear and accessible language. We chose the recommendations of the American lens. What I do not regret. After surgery, Aydar Hatipovic went to her mother, congratulated good the last operation, explained that you can do what is impossible. We are very satisfied and will recommend only the Ufa scientific research Institute! From Aydar Hatipovic emanates warm and energy. While I was waiting for mom in the hallway, it was evident how with great dedication work Dr. Many attendants were questions, all of which Aidar Hatipovic answered and patiently listened to each. More to these doctors! Niamh Nelly not want to offend our surgeon Bikbulatov Rustem Maratovich for brilliant operation! Low bow and a huge thank you doctors!

Mudrenko, T. I.

Says you, the patient, Mudrenko Tamara 27.08.1940 G. R. held treatment in the period from 25.03.2018 — 29.03.2018 in the hospital 3rd Department Ufrii of laser microsurgery of eye diseases, in G. Ufa, ul avrory 14. I want to Express many heartfelt thanks to all the staff of the office for a high level of professionalism, clear coordinated work, in particular: Khismatullin R. R., surgeon Kalentieva A. Z., doctor Alimovoy L. I. brigade in the operating room. Is sensitive and attentive attitude to patients of all ages. In the Department of cleanliness and order, the food varied and very tasty. And most importantly, the outcome of the treatment was so good that I cannot believe it. I would like to the medical officers were recognized for their work. I bow to all of You!

18.04.2018, Mudrenko T. I.

Bokovikova Nadia

I sincerely thank the attending physician ASTRELINA MIKHAIL NIKOLAYEVICH, first of all for your kind, human attitude. Mikhail Nikolaevich - qualified specialist, a professional with a sensitive soul and an open heart, people are experiencing for each patient. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! 
With respect Borovikova N.. Perm region, city of OSA

Rasmus R. A.

About Kagirova the Ilgiz Mirgasimovich only briefly:
he's a good surgeon.
Hands inserted the ends in the right place.
he's a good doctor.
Eyes treated  drops.  He manages to pick up such a drop not to ruin everything;
he's a good leader. Office every afternoon without the unnecessary scream releases the flow of patients with improved vision happy treatment.

Wow in one man so many talents.
Just amazing!

Tamara Ganieva

Dear Muharram Muharemovic!         

I can not Express admiration for the skills of your doctors clinics and hospital clinics. Clear sound system maintenance staff  promotes a trusting relationship between the physician and the suffering. In the clinic held daily surgical intervention many patients of Republic of Bashkortostan and the regions of Russia. People turn to you  elderly and doctors of polyclinics and clinics, professionals, master of the business have all the professional help.     

        my compliments to Fanie Kalimullina, the operating doctor I. I. Khusnitdinov, Dr. I. F. Nureyev for helping. To be honest, now less and less are people sympathetic to mental warehouse. As you have them. 
        Yes it will save you artists and rescuers Allah!

Your poet Tamara Ganieva (Timerbek Akhmetkarimova Ganeeva), member of the writers ' Union of Russia and Belarus, honoured worker of arts. Worker of culture RB

Liliya Enikeeva Khadievna

I sincerely want to thank the wonderful doctor, amazing person Chernov Nuria Sagitovna for her kindness, attention to patients. Before the operation it to all my patients distributes the handout, which shows the medication  the duration of their admission, and  then every time recalls what to do. Nuria Sagitovna very friendly to patients, giving them a smile, asked how they're doing. It is always possible to ask a question and she will never pass by, not answering. Low bow to You from all Your patients, Nuria Sagitovna, health, happiness and success to You in Your difficult and responsible work!

Filatova Alfiya Amirovna

Sincerely I Express my deep gratitude to Ilnur Ildarovich for successful operation. In January  surgery non-Penetrating deep sclerectomy with drainage on  my only seeing eye, who also lost his sight. I've already lost  any hope. Miracles do happen, thanks to the competent and professional approach of doctors: Khusnitdinova Elnora Eldarica and Klyavlino Rustem Rifgatovich. Thank you very much for the sensitivity, attention and individual approach. You saved me eyes! Vision was restored! The intraocular pressure normalized. I Express my gratitude to the leadership of the Institute of eye diseases for the well-coordinated and high-quality work, for caring about people! Health To You! Successes in Your hard work!

Abdulmanova Rimma Sharifullina

I Express my deep gratitude to the surgeon Faizrakhmanova Rinat Rustamovich for a brilliant operation - "Closed Subtotal vitrectomy with endolasercoagulation with tamponade vitreal cavity of the air-gas mixture", as well as the doctor - Ophtalmology Samatova Regina Ramilevna for timely diagnosis. A big thank you to all staff for your kind and helpful attitude! Successes in your hard work!

Granny Kamila Hairullina

I want to Express my gratitude to honey. staff of the Physiotherapy Department - Dr. V. S. Mezentseva, nurses evlantieva the G. A. and the R. R. Dautova In this office is very warm atmosferu. Each child is a special approach. Work cohesively. Complicity is felt from the first minute. It is very conducive to the healing process - hence the results. Sincerely, Granny Kamila Hairullina. 02.02.2016

Filin N. In.

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