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Refresher courses (advanced thematic) 72 hours under the theme "the Surgical treatment of diseases of the lens. Phacoemulsification of the cataract. WETLAB"


November 5, 2014 on the basis of the Ufa research Institute of eye diseases  was the opening of new modern educational laboratory for school for the practical training of ophthalmologists technique of ultrasonic cataract surgery (phacoemulsification). A binder is a technological stage between the theoretical training of the surgeon and his operating practices. The laboratory is equipped with modern operating microscopes, phacoemulsification latest generation "Infiniti", "Laureate" (Alcon), a video system with a monitor for monitoring the work of the interns, a set of microsurgical instruments, artificial lenses and high-quality viscoelastics.

Training in WETLAB Ufa research Institute of eye diseases is conducted at the highest technical and pedagogical level in the thematic cycles of training. Lectures during the loop over all sections and questions phacoemulsification is read by leading experts of the Institute, the students present at the operations in the operating unit of the clinic, is also broadcast "live surgery". The project WETLAB at ophthalmologists the opportunity came in a short time to learn modern technology for the treatment of cataract through a small incision. The training center allows surgeons to acquire practical skills in synchronized control of the microscope and phacoemulsification with a simultaneous manipulation of the finest tools inside the eye with careful visual inspection. Training simulators provide an opportunity to simulate the real surgical operation, but as the object of surgery used the eyes of animals. Training in the eyes of the animals during surgical procedures in the operating unit is carried out under the guidance of highly qualified ophthalmologists of the Institute. 

The time taken by the doctor to study, kompensiruet a fast and safe transition to a "live" surgery, safe for the patient.

training Plan for the year 2019

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