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Individual workplace learning (internship)


Invited ophthalmologists of the outpatient and inpatient departments, citizens of the Russian Federation and foreign citizens.

Learning in the workplace designed for physicians wishing to learn from the practical experience of the specialists of the Ufa research Institute of eye diseases and to develop individual skills of conservative treatment, specific surgical techniques. 

At the time of study student attached to the Institute and has the opportunity to observe his work, participating in treatment of patients, operations and diagnostic procedures. 

The workplace learning may take place in any Department of the Institute.

Main topics of study: 

"microsurgery in ophthalmology (cataract, glaucoma, injuries of the organ of vision)" - training at 1, 2, 3 and children's microsurgical Department. 

"Vitreoretinal surgery" - training on the basis of 4 microsurgical Department. 

"Functional methods of research in ophthalmology" - learning takes place in the Department of functional diagnostics. 

"Excimer-laser vision correction" - office laser and contact vision correction, as well as in the operating room. 

"Contact correction of sight" -  in the office and contact laser vision correction  

"Transcanalicular laser endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy (TLAG)" - based in the Department of hospital replacing technologies. 
You can find the curriculum at the link

"Laser therapies in ophthalmology." - based in interregional laser center Ufa research Institute of eye diseases.  
You can find the curriculum at the link.

"Pediatric ophthalmology", including conservative and surgical treatment of eye diseases in children, training, probing of lacrimal ducts – can be completed in the children's microsurgery, a children's consultative outpatient Department and ward of hospital replacing technologies. 

"OST-antimonopolization diagnosis and therapy of macular disease"  - training on the basis of 4 microsurgical Department. 
You can find the curriculum at the link.

1. Femtosecond laser surgery 
2. Implantation IRS

Duration learning – from 3 days to 3 months.

Training time set individually based on the applications received.

At the end of this training you will get help. 

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