The Head of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov visited Ufa Eye Research Institute.

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On February 6 the Head of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov visited Ufa Eye Research Institute and familiarized himself with the work of Institute and discussed the development of science in the country.

Director of the Institute Mukharram Bikbov told the head of the region about the history of Institute formation, the results of scientific and clinical activity, innovative developments –from the unique equipment to pharmaceutical drugs. He also showed to Rustem Khamitov rare medical books of the XIX century contained in the library of the institute. The Head of republic advised to scan these books to save them for posterity, and help to create an electronic fund of Moscow library of the Institute of Scientific Information for Social Sciences destroyed by fire.

In Cornea and Refracrive Surgery Department Rustem Khamitov inspected Engineering Design Bureau where test samples of medical devices for ophthalmology are developed. Here, in particular, intraocular and contact lenses, transplants for keratoplasty, etc. are produced.  According to the director of the Institute, all developments in the future are transferred to the research and production department, working on self-supporting basis.

The head of Bashkortostan took interest in ophthalmology dependence on imported technology and equipment, or participation in the Import Substitution Programme implemented by the Ministry of Health. Mukharram Bikbov explained that the import dependence of this area is 60-70% and the Institute is focused on the solution of this problem. However, participation in the programmes of Russian ministries and agencies involves long-term product licensing, up to 2-3 years. Rustem Khamitov noted that he had discussed this issue at a meeting with Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev during his visit to Ufa.

Rustem Khamitov also looked around self-supportive outpatient department, operating unit of the1st microsurgical department equipped with femtosecond and excimer lasers, hospital wards.

Ufa Eye Research Institute established in 1926 is the leading institution providing population with special, diagnostic and surgical ophthalmic care in Bashkortostan. The Institute carries out all kinds of high-tech medical care in the field of Ophthalmology. In 2014 1,666 residents of Bashkortostan received such care at the expense of compulsory health insurance in the amount of 54,030,000 rubles. Ufa Eye Research Institute also plans and executes innovative projects, develops new devices and pharmaceuticals.  


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