115th birth anniversary of outstanding Bashkir ophthalmologist Gabdulla Kudoyarov.

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115th birth anniversary of outstanding Bashkir ophthalmologist Gabdulla Kudoyarov 

Gabdulla Khabirovich Kudoyarov was born on June 7, 1899 in Ablaevo village of a Belebey district of Ufa province into a peasant family. After graduating from the village school he attended madrasseh "Galia" in Ufa. In 1926 he graduated from the Medical Faculty of the Perm State University and started to work at the newly formed Bashkir Research Trachomatous Institute (now the Ufa Eye Research Institute). 
For the whole life G. Kudoyarov was close knit to the Institute, his scientific and practical activities were associated with the issues of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of trachoma and elimination of its consequences.
In 1933 G. Kudoyarov passed Ph.D defense on the issue of "Biomicroscopy changes in the cornea during trachoma" and for the first time in the Soviet Union put forward a definition of trachomatous process as kerato-conjunctivitis, described biomicroscopy findings of cornea in this disease.
During the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) trachoma control in the country has weakened substantially, leading to increased morbidity and disease recurrence. Many experts were draught to the Soviet Army. Among them was G. Kudoyarov (1942-1943).
With the end of hostilities trachoma control was resumed. Associate professor Gabdulla Kudoyarov became the director of Bashkir Scientific and Research Trachomatous Institute. 
Research and practical recommendations of G. Kudoyarov formed the basis for the control and eradication of trachoma not only in Bashkortostan but also in other regions of the USSR and abroad. 
Gabdulla Khabirovich Kudoyarov was the author of more than 160 scientific papers. He wrote the "Textbook of ophthalmology for nurses", "Biomicroscopy changes of the cornea in trachoma", "Guide to trachoma", "The origin and treatment of trachoma" which are still relevant. G. Kudoyarov was the founder of Republican school of ophthalmologists. He did a lot for the training of qualified ophthalmologists. Under his leadership dozens of young doctors defended their master’s and PhD thesis and carried on the work of their teacher.



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