Ufa is the sixth Russian city where WETLAB was opened

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Collaborative Training Initiative of ophthalmologists from Ufa and an American company is a unique opportunity for aspiring doctors to improve their practical skills. 
111.jpgAigul Nikitina is a practicing surgeon. She came to a new training centre to try out new equipment. It’s the same as operating theatre equipment but as a sample pig’s eye is used. 
Today in Ufa Eye Research Institute WETLAB centre is opened. It’s a joint project of American company and Bashkir ophthalmologists. It aims to teach young doctors practical skills. Here they can work on phacoemulsification cataract surgery as this disease is the most common in eye surgery. 
The long-term objective is to improve the results of operations in ophthalmic surgery. it's no coincidence that WETLAB opened in Ufa – this city is famous for its ophthalmic school. Ufa Eye Research Institute claims that cataract will become more affordable. And there will be more experienced surgeons.In fact, "WetLab" is a training operating unit where medical errors can be corrected. On average each student must perform 50-100 surgeries to work out manual skills and surgical technique. Besides practical training the course involves theoretical part.
Ufa is the sixth Russian city where WETLAB was opened. Ophthalmologists from other regions of Russia have already announced their intention to receive training.


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