Bashkir Ophthalmologists mastered a new technique of the corneal transplantation

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Ufa Eye Research Institute was performed the first operation with a rather complicated name: "Femtosecond assisted penetrating keratoplasty." Simply said, surgeons have performed cornea transplantation surgery with the using of special equipment.
This operation cannot be called unique. Bashkir surgeons performed corneal transplantation before. But only now the process of surgery is significantly simplified thanks to modern equipment, by the way, it is quite expensive equipment. Only some units of centers are equipped with these lasers today.
The new technique reduces the risk of postoperative complications and significantly reduces the period of rehabilitation. Ruslan Enikeev became the first patient to have undergone the transplantation of the cornea performed with modern equipment. Just a couple of days and now he is preparing for discharge. His vision still, of course, is not fully recovered, but the result of the operation is already tangible.
Femto-assisted penetrating keratoplasty is considered to be the most modern technique for certain eye pathologies treatment, which is worldwide used. Now, the surgery will be carried out constantly and in the Ufa Eye Research Institute.


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