Ufa holds a duscussion on modern issues of ophthalmology.

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m_68787.jpgThe capital of Bashkortostan holds scientific and practical conference “East-West” for the 5th time. Ophthalmologists from Russia, USA, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, India and Vietnam will introduce their point of view on the issues of eye diseases treatment. The practical part of the conference is held in a so-called "live surgery" format. 
 Cataract surgery is performed in front of dozens of spectators. The operation runs in a real time mode and transmitted outside the operating room. The so-called "live surgery" when the doctor not only tells but also shows his technique has become a hallmark of the international conference. This show-case surgery is performed by professor from Italy. 
During the conference different surgeons will conduct nine surgeon’s show-cases. Later video will be available for professionals on the Internet. Ophthalmologist Hermann Schubert from U.S. has already demonstrated his author's technique for the retinal lesion treatment 3 years ago. After the master class this method was implemented among other in Ufa Eye Research Institute. American doctor now has a lot to tell to colleagues. 
For about 700 ophthalmologists attended the conference including the guests from different regions of Russia and abroad. The forum brought together the world's leading experts. The main issues for discussion this year are corneal and retinal diseases and vascular lesions of the eye.
 Ufa became a venue for such a large event due to the level of development of ophthalmology in the region.Bashkir specialists are the top leaders of both the development of modern techniques and their own breakthrough technologies that subsequently are adopted by the world's leading clinics.


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