Specialists of Ufa Eye Research Institute are back from Hanoi.

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In the International Vietnamese-Russian Ophthalmology Center they taught colleagues the latest methods of treatment. Cooperation had been fruitful, so it was planned that the academic trip to South - East Asia would be continued. Yulai Burkhanov carries out complex operations on the eye cornea. Most recently, he taught his colleagues in Vietnam where he and other experts from Ufa restored eyesight to the local citizens. In general, more than a thousand surgeries were held. Yulai Burkhanov’s trip had been lasted for 8 months. He should go home earlier but he was asked to stay behind to help in developing new eye treatment technologies. Ufa specialists were also engaged in eye diseases detection; they travelled from village to village, visiting schools and centers for seniors. As it turned out, due to the humid climate inflammatory diseases are common there. A number of visual impairment cases were found in children, especially those who are studying in schools for the gifted. These children more than others were overloaded with information, so there was a large number of myopic children, for about 98% of all patients.

In the near future it is expected that Vietnamese doctors will come to Ufa to adopt methods of their colleagues. Now some complex operations for Vietnamese patients are performed here in Ufa. The fact is that these patients can’t undergo surgery in Vietnam because of the absence of required equipment there. "It was necessary to carry out a complex operation on glaucoma. The patient also spent here a postoperative course. We gladly accept patients from Vietnam and provide the full range of the survey, "- said the Deputy Director for Clinical Affairs of Ufa Eye Research Institute Zuleikha Marvanova. Currently in Vietnam there are still doctors of Ufa Eye research Institute. It is planned that Russian ophthalmologists will go there for at least another few years. This is due to the fact that the country is in a dire need of highly qualified specialists. Russian doctors were asked to focus on the diagnosis of visual impairment in children.

Rafael Mukhamedinov


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