November 5, at the premises of UERI a new WETLAB laboratory was opened.


November 5, at the premises of Ufa Eye Research Institute a new WETLAB laboratory for training phacoemulsification was opened. Here young ophthalmologists pass from theory to practice. A new laboratory is equipped with modern operating microscopes, latests phacoemulsificators «Infiniti», «Laureate» (Alcon), a video system with a monitor to supervise the work of trainee doctors and residents, set of microsurgical instruments, IOLs and high-quality viscoelastic.

 WETLAB of Ufa Eye Research Institute provides the highest technical and pedagogical level of thematic courses and training.

6.jpg Lectures are read by leading experts of the Institute, students assist surgeries in the operating units of the clinic. Due to WETLAB ophthalmosurgeons have an opportunity
 - to master small-incision cataract surgery within a short time; 
- to acquire practical skills for controlling a microscope and phacoemulsificator while performing a surgery. 
Training simulators allow to perform a real surgery but with the use of animal eyes. The time spent on training is compensated for by a fast and safe transition to «real surgery» harmless for patients.


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