Bikbulatova Aygul Akhtyamovna

PhD in medical sciences, is Board Certified in Surgery - highest category in ophthalmosurgery. In 1998 graduated from Bashkir State Medical University. 1998-1999 had been passing an internship at the Ophthalmology Department with the Course in the Post graduate education Institute, BSMU based on the Ufa Eye Research Institute. Since 1999 is working in the Ufa Eye Research Institute. In 2002 passed Ph.D. defense on «The results of phase correction of a high degree myopia and myopic anisometropia in children. "The author of more than 80 research papers, including 10 patents of the Russian Federation for invention, and one monograph. In 2006 she was awarded the diploma of the Academy of Sciences of the Bashkortostan Republic. Area of expertise and practice is cataract phacoemulsification, surgical correction of high ametropia in adults and children (intraocular refractive surgery), the functional methods of research in ophthalmology.

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