Absalyamov Minulla Sharafutdinovich

The Head of the Department (2009), PhD in medical sciences, is Board Certified in Surgery - highest category in ophthalmosurgery.  In 1989 graduated from Bashkir State Medical Institute, 1990-2004 had been working as a research assistant of The Children’s Department in the Eye Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. 2005-2007 had been the head of the Ist children's department of the institute. In 2006 he passed Ph.D. defense on "The secondary IOL implantation in children." The author of more than 60 research papers, 1 monograph, four patents of the Russian Federation. Area of expertise and practice is the modern methods of cataract and glaucoma microsurgery, combined glaucoma and cataract surgery, cataract microsurgery in children, intraocular aphakia correction in children and etc.

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