Scientific and Research Department

Alexander Babushkin (MD, PhD)
The Head of the Scientific
 and Research Department  

Scientific and Research Department

The main activity of the Institute is applied and fundamental research and development with the implementation of modern methods, technologies and tools address the prevention of issues, diagnosis and treatment of congenital and acquired diseases of the organ of vision. An essential condition is a close connection between scientific achievements and their practical implementation. The department provides coordination of scientific research development of scientific departments of the Institute - Corneal and Refractive Surgery Department, Department of Reconstructive Eye Surgery in Children, Vitreoretinal and Laser Surgery Department; research work with emphasis on the development of innovative technologies is being carried out in accordance with the work plan of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan in all scientific departments. The most important task of the department is to bring scientific ideas (inventions) of employees to practical results in order to commercialization of intellectual property of the Institute scientists. This line of work is carried out in close cooperation with the scientific and production department.

Planning and implementation of scientific research at the highest level, the implementation of the achievements of ophthalmology and scientific research into practical health care, a constant exchange of experience in local and international forums, holding international scientific conferences with the participation of scientists from near and far abroad, all this activity provides high quality eye-care services for the population of the Republic of Bashkortostan and patients from different regions of the Russian Federation.

The Head of Scientific and Research Department.

Dr.Babushkin in 1981 graduated from the Bashkir State Medical Institute with specialization in "General Medicine". 1981-1985 - Junior Researcher at the Department for the study of infectious diseases, the Ufa Eye Research Institute.
Since 1985 to 1988 - full-time post-graduate student at the Department of Ophthalmology of the Moscow the Order of Lenin State Medical Institute named after N.I. Pirogov (Head of the department corresponding member of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Professor. A.P.Nesterov). In 1989, on the basis of Central Order of Lenin Extension Course Institute for Medical Practitioners (Moscow) - defended his thesis on the topic: " Optimization of the hypotensive effect of trabeculectomy in open angle glaucoma " (supervisor - prof. E. A. Egorov). From 1989 to 2011 - Senior researcher of the Department of the study of eye infectious diseases, Ufa Eye Research Institute. From 2011 - till now - Head of the Department of Scientific Research, Ufa Eye Research Institute. In October 2013, in the FSBI "Research Institute of Eye Diseases RAMS" (Moscow) - doctoral thesis (PhD thesis) on the topic "Improvement of surgical treatment of primary open and secondary glaucoma" (scientific adviser - Prof. Bikbov M.M.). In 1996 Dr.Babushkin was awarded the academic title - senior researcher in "Eye diseases", in 1997 - the highest qualification category – ophthalmologist was conferred. Scientific and medical experience - 34 years.

Priority areas of research: glaucoma, eye infectious pathology, rare cases in clinical ophthalmology.

The author of 450 publications, including 73 papers in journals recommended by State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles, 6 - in the foreign press, 8 methodical recommendations, 16 manuals for doctors and guidance manuals, 8 newsletters, 20 patents of the Russian Federation and 14 innovation proposals of local and branch value. He is also co-author of four books: "The rare cases in clinical ophthalmology" (2001), "Rare cases in clinical ophthalmology" (2005, Second Amended and Amplified Edition), "Glaucoma. National guidance" (2013)," Conjunctivitis: differential diagnosis and treatment "(2015).

For the fruitful and long-term scientific work Dr.Babushkin was awarded a diploma of the Academy of Sciences of Republic of Bashkortostan (2005), Award for excellence in health protection of the Republic of Bashkortostan " (2006), Holds a commendation from the Minister of Health of the Russian Federation (2001), the winner in the nomination of the best ophthalmologist of the Republic of Bashkortostan (2010). In 2013 he was awarded a grant from the Russian glaucoma societies in the category "Glaucoma treatment" for the research team work “Angiogenesis inhibitors in the surgical treatment of neovascular glaucoma” (M.M. Bikbov, A.E. Babushkin, O.I. Orenburkina).