Laureates of medal n.a. Prof. V.P.Odintsov

Gregor Wollensak (Germany)  

Deputy director of a private Eye Clinic Center (Augen-MVZ Lausitz) in Hoyerswerda/Saxony   

Member of:
- Deutsche Ophthalmologische Gesellschaft (DOG)
- Julius-Hirschberg-Gesellschaft für Geschichte der Augenheilkunde
- Wilmer Residents Association (USA)
- Sächsische Augenärztliche Gesellschaft (SAG)
-Berlin-Brandenburgische Augenärztliche Gesellschaft (BBAG)
- honorary member of ASETCIRC ( Asociación Española de Tecnología y Cirugía de Implantes, Refractiva y Córnea)

Dr. Gregor Wollenzak is the founder of "corneal crosslinking" – the method of corneal pathology treatment.
He is the winner of German Society of Ophthalmology Award for innovative research on "corneal collagen crosslinking with riboflavin for the treatment of keratoconus" (2003)
Dr. Gregor Wollensak works closely with Ufa Eye Research Institute carrying out joint research and taking part in “East-West” conferences. G. Wollensak rendered great assistance in collection of historical documents about Professor Odintsov in German archives.